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Flexo-printed corrugated packaging offers an excellent choice for packing most goods. Low start-up costs and efficient production processes, corrugated packaging become a cost-effective solution for a wide range of volumes.

It’s easy printability and the variety of additional packaging features available, make no limit in designing the consumer​ experience.

Pre Press

Sriwahana believes in culture and technology to deliver a good design. Culture is shown through our people commitment, dedication, and discipline when designing layouts, artwork and samples.


Equipped with a complete pre-press machine, including in-house rubber plate and sample maker, Sriwahana is now ready to give the better service to customer.




A conventional and high-tech printing machine owned by Sriwahana to strengthen its ability to serve any type of packaging. With a maximum four-color inline printing-finishing ability, Sriwahana is very capable to support packaging for FMCG Industry.


Printing Machines :

Max. Length          : 2.300 x 1.340

Min. Length          : 350 x 480

Production Capacity 12.000 pcs / hour


Inline Printing Machine :

Max. Length          : 1800 x 1100

Min. Length          : 600 x 300

Production Capacity 9.000 pcs / hour



Post Press

The final step of all box production is joint. Joint quality determines the box quality itself. Glue join or wires stitched are provided to cover customer’s need.


Machines :

1 unit Folding Gluing         :    6.000 pcs / hour

10 unit Wire Stitch              : 15.000 pcs / hour


In addition to Glue join or wire stitched, Sriwahana also complete our service by providing Rotary and Flat Bed Die Cut.

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