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Corrugated board is the packaging material of the future. It’s light, strong, durable, cost-efficient and flexible, all at the same time. Obviously boxes are needed for all sorts of things – so we produce them in all manner of shapes, sizes, gauges, and configurations. Common structures are :

  • Single wall board – one corrugated medium between two liners
  • Double wall board – two corrugated mediums between three liners


Corrugated Carton is available in many different material grades with varying paper weights and finishes. It is custom made to match individual specifications and can be specified with a combination of Kraft and Test liners, and fluting. Standard paper thickness start at 125gsm (grams per square meter) and increase to 150gsm, 200gsm, and 275gsm, subject to availability. Different flute weights are also available and depend on the strength of material required.


End applications: ​
• Transport packaging​
• Consumer packaging
• Non-direct contact Food packaging
• Non-food packaging


Standard flute profiles that we work with are B, C, A, BC, and BA. Each of these materials are mentioned in greater detail below :

Standard flute sriwahana

‘B’ Flute 2.9mm – 3.1mm in thickness, and probably the most common type of fluting. Seen in all types of applications including die-cut and regular cases it gives a good all-round performance.


b Flude

‘C’ Flute 3.8mm – 4.1mm in thickness, it offers greater compression strength than “B” flute thus giving slightly better stacking strength for lighter products. It can be prone to more crushing if used in the wrong application.

c Flude

‘A’ Flute 4.8mm – 5.2mm in thickness, is the highest grade of all flute. It performs the best box result. Best use for fragile goods protection.

a Flude

‘BC’ Flute 6.5mm – 7.0mm in thickness, this is another double wall material that marries two flute profiles together – ‘B’ and ‘C’, both giving excellent all round performances this material is most often seen in shipping cases where a high protection level is required.


‘BA’ Flute 7.1mm – 7.6mm in thickness which is combine ‘B’ and ‘A’ is dedicated to give a perfect protection if the goods inside are delivered to further destination.



Corrugated Carton Box

Our boxes are supplied to a range of industries including :

  • Fruit and Produce
  • Beverage
  • Snack
  • Garment and Textile

carton box bussines

In addition to print we can add hand holes, punched vents and shelf ready perforations to give individuality to your packaging and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.


Glue join or wire stitched – choose or be guided on the appropriate closure method to suit the size of carton and application.


Corrugated Carton Sheet

The majority of our Corrugated Carton Sheet is destined for use within the manufacture of corrugated boxes and cases, and as such we can cut and score the individual sheets to match a customer’s specific requirements.

Cut sheet sizes can be specified with any width from 350mm up to 2180mm.  Chop lengths can be specified at any distance between 500mm and 3000mm.

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