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Through the years Sriwahana has enlarged Paper Cone production

Nowadays, Central Java becomes the center of Textile Industry. It makes the demand of Paper Cones increased significantly during the time. Started with manual machines at 1990, through the years Sriwahana has enlarged Paper Cone production. By 26 years experience supported by three automatic and nine semi-automatic machines, we believes in working as partners with customers to provide products that both can be proud of, meeting specific requirements that reflect a good value investment demonstrated by profitable operating results.


Paper Cone is available in many types with varying paper weights, start from 300gsm up to 440gsm. Common usages in Central Java are 3’30, 4’20, 5’05, 5’31 and 5’57. It could be custom made in size and printing to match customer’s specification.


Common uses pattern as below :

common uses pattern as below

All products are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure dimensional accuracy, strength and consistency in quality, start from incoming material, sheet preparation, punching, beveling, winding, curling and packing, bobbin press with 23kgf up to 40kgf standard becomes the last step of all checking. Supported with a high-speed production, we aim to support paper cone demand all over Indonesia.


Production capacity           : 10.00.000 pcs / month

Finishing capacity              :       25.000 pcs / hour

Warehouse capacity           : 2.000.000 pcs

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